Use the Power of Prayer in Daily Prayer and Family Prayer to Enhance Your Marriage!

The Basics of Daily Prayer and Family Prayer

Communication has always been an important part of daily life. Many people view communication as a means of interacting with each other. Communication, however, is so much more. Communication can also be considered as speaking with Deity. Daily prayer to Deity can be cleansing; it helps us to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness and humility.

Prayer, whether it is Christian Prayer or prayer in all religious organizations, used to be a very integral part of our way of life. Families used to pray together each and every day. Families would bless each meal and then pray together in the evenings to thank God for the blessings of the day. Additionally, families would pray to ask for strength in dealing with the challenges of life.

Today, fewer and fewer families take time to pray together. What used to be part of everyday life for our ancestors is not given much thought today. I have seen over and over the strength that comes to families as they take time to pray together. It is very true that the family that prays together stays together.

I have had some great experiences in my life while praying with my family. I have felt feelings of love as I have thanked my Father in Heaven for each member of my family by name while praying together as a family. I have felt strength as I have asked my Heavenly Father to bless my children, and while I have prayed for specific help for each of them as they have dealt with life. I have also felt the love my Heavenly Father has for each member of my family as I have prayed.

I have been touched as I have heard my wife and children pray for me to be safe as I traveled. I have been touched as I have heard them pray for me to overcome the challenges in my life. I have felt the love of our family grow for each other as we express that love to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

In all my years of working with people, I have never once seen a bad marriage where families consistently knelt to give thanks and pray for each. When done so sincerely, it is impossible not to have love and harmony in a home.

Daily prayer and family prayer are something different for everyone, but no matter what your belief regarding daily prayer there are two very important components:

Giving Thanks

Asking for What You Need

Be Willing to Act on Your Prayers

Giving Thanks

Daily prayer and family prayer will also help you to be thankful. Gratitude will help you to become happy and to feel joy; it makes you aware of those things you have in your life that make life worth living. Remember, all of us have people who love us and want us to be happy, and all of us have people who depend on us. We have a place to live. We have clothes on our backs. We have things that bring us great joy. All of us have talents and abilities that make us unique. There is never a shortage of things to give thanks for.

Try this experiment. Get a pen and a piece of paper. Take ten minutes and write down everything that you have that you are grateful for. It can be your family, your job, your home, your health, etc.

Next take an honest look at how you obtained each of them. For example, maybe you have a nice home – how did you get this house? Maybe you went to college and have worked hard in the workplace, and now you have an income that allows you to afford this home. It can be very easy to say I did this myself and feel a measure of accomplishment. Ask yourself, who gave you the intelligence to go to college and do well in the workplace? Who has allowed you the health necessary to continue working hard? Who keeps you safe every day so you are not hurt and unable to work? Who blessed you with the opportunities to move forward at work and get that high paying job?

Finally, do you get to keep all of it after you die? I hope you can see what I am getting at here. First, the Good Lord blesses us with the talent and opportunities to move forward. Remember, you are only a head injury away from losing it all. Second, these talents, possessions, and abilities are really only on loan from a higher power. You can’t take your earthly possessions with you when you die. The bottom line is that everything you have, you have because a higher power has blessed you with the talents, abilities, and opportunities to accomplish what you have.

Asking for What You Need

Daily prayer and family prayer can help you gain the strength and understanding to respond positively and to be the means of lifting and encouraging others. Praying during times of difficulty will bind a family together. It provides support. It provides unity. It provides strength. It can ease pain and provide understanding.

Growth and character development can come from daily prayer. Daily prayer can help each of you transform your lives and become people of depth – people of character. Daily prayer can help you become much more focused on others and see how you can help them. Praying together in families can in turn do the same thing. It allows you to become closer to each other. There are other benefits that can come as a result of family prayer. For instance, it is impossible to dislike someone you sincerely pray for.

Your concern becomes focused on the person receiving the help they need to overcome whatever obstacles they may have in their lives. Think about it for a minute. If you pray for someone who has taken advantage of you, what will happen? If you pray they see the harm they have done and have the strength to become better people, how can you possibly dislike them? You can’t. You may not trust them, but your concern now becomes that this person have their heart touched so they can become a better person. Over time, and daily prayer, the Lord can reach that person and their heart can be softened. You will now start to look to this other person more as our Heavenly Father sees them. He sees them as people of worth and as His children.

You will now be able to better understand that all people, regardless of who they are or what they may have done, are people He loves and cares about. We come to see them as people of intrinsic value in the eyes of our Creator.Now, as you do this in your families, you will be able to subtly teach your children to respect others and have compassion for others. Many of the problems in the world today would cease to exist if we as parents did a better job of teaching our children to help others, to love others, and to add value to others. The best way to do this is through example, and it can start by praying for others in our families.

In addition, it is important to note that you need to be specific when you pray. Ask for help for what you or others may need. If you struggle with a wayward child, then pray specifically to understand what motivates your child, and how you can help him or her. If you are struggling financially, then pray specifically for those things that will help you overcome your current situation. It may be for the opportunity to receive more training to upgrade your skills. It may be to find another opportunity. It may be to better understand how to separate needs from wants so you can stick to a budget. It may be for the understanding of what you need to do to improve your financial situation and the courage to then act on it.

Whatever it may be, be sure to specifically ask for you what you need. Many may be wondering why this is necessary if the Lord already knows what you need. I have found the answer to be simple. If you receive everything you need without asking, then you become ungrateful. You will fail to notice the help He has given you, and this can lead to arrogance and ungratefulness. By asking for what you need, you acknowledge the role He plays in your life. Just as your earthly parents will give you those things you ask for, so will our Heavenly Father if it is what is best for you.

Be Willing to Act on Your Prayers

I do not believe in predestination. I believe very strongly that if we pray for opportunities, work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities as they come along, great things can happen.

I believe when we pray, we need to pray as if everything depends upon the Lord.Then we need to go out and do as if everything depends upon us. You can pray all you want, but if you are not willing to act upon your prayers, then they really aren’t of much value. The Lord expects each of us to do our part as well.

Imagine this for a minute. Your teenager approaches you and says he or she would like a car. They explain to you how a car would make them more independent and all of the other great things resulting from them being more self-reliant. As a parent, you think this is a great idea and are willing to grant him, or her, their desire.

Now you find the catch. The teenager does not want to assist in looking for the car. They do not want to be involved with getting the car titled, maintaining the vehicle, or even putting gas in the tank either. In addition, they want you to drive them everywhere as well. They want the car, but they are unwilling to do any of the work associated with getting or maintaining the car. How would that make you feel? How willing are you going to be to agree to this arrangement? Also, how would this help your teenager prepare for adulthood?The same applies to prayer.

You can’t make requests to your Father in Heaven then expect to do nothing. You have to be willing to do your part. It allows you to grow and to become a better person. As I said before, you have to pray as if everything is up to the Lord and then do as if everything is up to you. It is unrealistic to expect answers to pray without doing your part.

So make daily prayer and family prayer a habit. Habits are created by daily repetition; just give prayer the time to become a habit. Studies show again and again it generally takes about three weeks of doing something every day before it becomes a habit.

Be sure to remember that once something becomes a habit it becomes part of who you are. It becomes part of your character and part of your very being. Almost everything you do is because of habits you have developed over the course of your life. So if you want to become better than you currently are, change the habits you have developed.

Make daily prayer a new habit, and daily prayer can help you change a whole host of other habits. As you make prayer a daily part of your routine, I promise you that you will find greater joy, happiness, and peace than you ever thought possible.

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