Romantic Love and Passion. Learn How to Become Passionate in Your Marriage.

Romantic Love and Passion Point 1. Passion is More Than Just Feeling or Desire.

Romantic love and passion consist of more than just a feeling, or something sexual in nature. You can be passionate about your spouse by simply focusing on making each other happy. Making marriage a priority can only help to create passion, or intensely strong feelings of love and commitment. These feelings need to exist between two people in order to have a successful marriage.

In other words, passion is multifaceted. It can be sexual in nature, but more often than not it means nothing more than having a strong desire to serve each other. It means wanting to please each other and striving to bring out the best in each other. It is being excited about each other.

Passion creates purpose and a zest for life. Everything becomes better when all is well at home. Imagine how your life would be if you felt that you had a purpose in your life you were absolutely passionate about? Wouldn’t you look forward to getting up in the morning? Wouldn’t you look forward to each new day as a blessing and an opportunity to spend time with those you love? Is it unreasonable to have such expectations? Is it unrealistic?

The answer is NO!

Romantic Love and Passion Point 2. The Right Mix of Stability and Variety Fuel Passion.

Part of what drives romantic love passion is a level of consistency coupled with a dash of the unknown. The consistency provides stability in the relationship, and the unknown provides mystery and the excitement of new things.

For instance, I can go to any restaurant with my wife, and I pretty much know what she will order. If we go to a steak restaurant, she will get a filet. If we go to a Cajun place, she will order blackened chicken. Holidays are also very special to her. She loves to go all out at Christmas when it comes to decorating our house. At Halloween, she likes to put ghosts, goblins, etc. on our front porch and have scary music playing. The kids out trick-or-treating always comment on how our house looks, and we have more and more kids come to our home at Halloween.

These are well-known things to me and help to provide stability. At the same time, we both like to travel to new places and experience new things. Sometimes she will surprise me and do something out of the ordinary. The little things that are known to me, as well as the unknown, still have me passionate about my wife after over twenty years of marriage.

If you have total consistency with no variety, you have boredom. If you have complete variety and uncertainty with no consistency, then you have chaos and lots, and lots of stress. Each of us needs to have a proper balance of both in order to have romantic love and passion in a marriage.

Romantic Love and Passion Point 3. The Man Who Knows He Makes His Wife Happy Will Be Passionate About His Wife

Men look for acceptance as it relates to passion; they want to know that what they do for their mate makes her happy. They want to know in their heart that they are pleasing the woman of their dreams. Remember, ladies, when he married you, you were the woman of his dreams. Are you still? Do your actions indicate that he makes you happy? Does he know you love him unconditionally?

A man loved unconditionally will do anything for the woman of his dreams. Men just want to be sure they make their women happy. Sure, we men do a lot of stupid things, like forget to help around the house, leave things lying around, leave the toilet seat up, and many other annoying little things. We do these things because well, we just need someone in our lives to civilize us. Please be patient with us as we learn how to behave. I understand some of us men catch on quicker than others, but make sure you love even those men unconditionally. Work hard to find the good in him and then make sure he knows he makes you happy.

What Can You do to Increase Passion in Your Marriage?

Do you have a passionate marriage? Not just in the physical sense, but also passionate in that your marriage is a priority in your life? How did you get there? Share it!

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Romantic Love and Passion Point 4. The Adored Woman Will Be Passionate About Her Man

Women that receive lots of attention from their man will be passionate about him. A woman loves it when a man puts effort into their relationship. A woman wants to be romanced and put on a pedestal. Why should she not be? A woman deserves to be idolized. An adored woman becomes a passionate woman. Nothing kills passion for a woman than to be taken for granted. This guarantees a recipe for a stale home life.

All of you men reading this need to make sure you idolize your wife. Do small things for her to make her feel important. Take time throughout the week to romance her. This may be as small as calling her during the day to let her know you are thinking of her. Let her know how great you think she is. Remember, when you married her, she was the woman of your dreams, and that should be no different now. How you treat her and make her feel will have a lot to do with whether she remains the woman of your dreams.

Romantic Love and Passion Point 5. Passion Will Energize Your Marriage

Everyone needs passion in their lives. It gives one a purpose to live and to enjoy life. There is not a man or woman alive who couldn’t benefit from the passion that comes from a purpose-driven life. Having passion about your marriage can be life changing. Remember, I am referring to the kind of passion that is focused on life, energy, and the desire to please and make each other happy. This type of passion focuses on the long term and not on the short term. This kind of passionate focus says ‘I love you for who are and not for who you are not.’ This kind of passion allows you to see yourselves growing old together and thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it.

This kind of passion was put here on earth for everyone to experience. Every oneof us is entitled to this type of passion and love, and there is no reason why you can’t achieve this kind of passion.

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